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The Magnetico is designed to improve coolant performance in machine tanks. The Magnetico is placed in the coolant tank in a area close to the coolant pump in a manner so that the coolant must flow through the magnetic rods prior to being pumped back top the system. The Magnetico is designed to remove ferrous material such as cast iron or steel from the coolant.
To clean the Magnetico, simply lift the unit out of the coolant tank, pull the magnetic rods out of the holding assembly and wipe the stainless steel tube assembly clean. The Magnetico is manufactured from 304 stainless steel for years of durable performance. The Magnetico rods are rated at 10,000 Gauss and are much stronger than anything available today. Place Magnetico in tank so that coolant flows through the bar assembly.
Commonly Separable Materials and Specific Gravities
Series 250 Bar Length # of Bars Length Width Height
250/2 250mm 9.9” 2 220mm-8.72” 150mm-5.94” 300mm-11.89”
250/4 250mm 9.9” 4 340mm-13.47” 150mm-5.94” 300mm-11.89”
250/6 250mm 9.9” 6 460mm-18.23” 150mm-5.94” 300mm-11.89”
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