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MYCELX filters are engineered to remove hydrocarbons ranging from oil to gasoline from water down to 2 ppb in a single pass. MYCELX instantly solublizes the hydrocarbon compounds and bonds them to its surface, keeping them from separating and emulsifying. MYCELX is also able to remove Sheen, Synthetic and Natural Oils, BTEX, PCBs, Chlorinated Solvents and organically bound metals.

Technical Data

  • Flow rate: 1-20 gpm
  • Construction Material: Spunbound Polypropylene
  • Pore size: 5 micron
  • Loading capacity: 120 g oil or equivalent
  • Filter length: 10"
  • Filter Diameter: 2 5/8"
  • Pipe Size: 3/4" NPT
  • Pressure Range: 125 psi. max.
  • Temperature Range: 40-100° F
  • The filters are designed to fit standard 10" filter housings

Some Applications Involving Hydrocarbon Removal

  • Tank Berms
  • Waste Drums
  • Bilge Water
  • Rinse Water
  • Grinding / Cutting Fluid
  • Rain / Parking Lot Runoff
  • Loading / Unloading Berms
  • Process Water
  • Compressor Condensate
  • Industrial Wastewater
 10" Housing & MYCELX Filter  Single filter housing with 3/4" fittings, clear body and one MYCELX 10" filter
 10" MYCELX Filter  Single MYCELX filter
 10 " MYCELX Filters (Case of 12)  Case of 12 MYCELX Filters
 MX-4 30" S/S 4 Cartridge Filter Unit (With MYCELX Media)  S/S 4 Filter housing and 4 MYCELX 30" filters
 MX-12 30" S/S 12 Cartridge Filter Unit (With MYCELX Media)  S/S 12 Filter housing and 12 MYCELX 30" filters
 MX-22 30" S/S 22 Cartridge Filter Unit (With MYCELX Media)  S/S 22 housing and 22 MYCELX filters
 MX-36 30" S/S 36 Cartridge Filter Unit (With MYCELX Media)  S/S 36 housing and 36 MYCELX filters
 MX-52 30" S/S 52 Cartridge Filter Unit (With MYCELX Media)  S/S 52 housing and 52 MYCELX filters
 30" Replacement Media (4 cartridges)  4 MYCELX 30" filters
After years of research, MYCELX Technologies Corporation has synthesized and patented a revolutionary, new class of compounds which have the ability to instantly remove the entire range of organic chemicals from water. This class of compounds is known as MYCELX. MYCELX has the ability to remove volatile and non-volatile, water soluble and water insoluble organic compounds. MYCELX is able to solubilize and remove from solution mixed emulsions (oil/water, water/oil) and lipophilic and hydrophilic organic compounds in addition to many chelated and nonchelated metals. MYCELX Technologies Corporation has developed proprietary and patented processing technology which enables us to infuse the MYCELX chemistry into a variety of substrate materials. This gives us the ability to address specific pollutants and applications by utilizing the optimal substrate for a particular application.


Patented MYCELX Filter Unit that easily Installs in your Condensate Vent Line for the Removal of Oily Discharge
  • Simple, easy and automatic
  • Prevents oil from escaping down the drain
  • Stop unnecessary hydrocarbon pollution
  • Quick connect hose for easy installation
  • Stops messy and dangerous situations
  • Environmentally friendly
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