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    Hydraulic Oil Filtration

    Argo Hydraulic Pressure Filter Housing

    Pressure Filters for in-line installation, Norm-Filters acc. to DIN 24550 optional Nominal Flow: up to 320 l/min Filter Fineness: 3…20 µm Connection: up to G 1 1/2 ...

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    Argo Hydraulic Pressure Return Filters

    Return-Suction Filters for tank mounting, with connection for charge pump (boost pressure 0.5 bar); especially for hydrostatic drives Nominal Flow: up to 370 l/min Filter ...

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    Argo Hydraulic Pressure Vent Filters

    Ventilating Filters double check valves, dipstick, and filler strainer optional; Vandalism Proof versions available (can only be opened with special wrench) Air Breathing ...

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    Argo Hydraulic Suction Filter

    Suction Strainers with female thread connections for direct attachment to the suction lines of pumps. Nominal Flow: up to 200 l/min Filter Fineness: 40…640 µm ...

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    Argo Offline Filtration

    Off-Line Filter Units for installation on every hydraulic driven machine or for mobile use. Flow: up to 16 l/min Filter Fineness: 1…3 µm Connection: up to G 3/4 ...

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    Argo Portable Filtration offline

    Technical Specifications Flow Rate: 4.2 gpm Suction Hose: 85″ long,W/ mesh screen Discharge Hose: 94.5″ long with pipe end Filter Elements: 3 µm (Micron) ...

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    Hydraulic Filter Elements

    High Performance Filter Elements High Performance Hydraulic Filter Elements Microglass Filter Media employs a graded density fiber matrix throughout the thickness of the ...

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