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CGS – Centrifugal Gas Separator

Functional description

The fluid enters the Gas Separator through a tangentially constructed inlet nozzle which forces the the liquid into a rotational movement. The rotational downward flow is maintained by the tangentially constructed outlet nozzle at a lower elevation. The centrifugal movement in conjunction with a decrease in flow velocity and pressure, forces mass volumes as well as entrained air and gas (bubbles) to be segregated from the liquid, rise to the upper portion of the vessel and subsequently be automatically released through a pilot & Float Operated air vent valve(AV 125 / AV 150)

System Design

  • The Gas Separator , should under no condition, be operated in excess of the Design conditions (pressure, Temp. & Flow rate) listed on the name plate of the vessel.
  • Connect the Gas Separator inlet in accordance with the “ARROW” on the inlet nozzle indicating direction of flow.
  • In accordance with Weights and Measures Regulation consideration must be given to the system design to assure a minimum back pressure of 7.5 psig (0.5 Bar)
  • In case of Operation with Liquids which have a “foaming” tendency a Sight Glass (SG) must be provided. In such cases the flow should be throttled if foam is noticed at the Sight Glass
  • Gas Separators Should be installed down stream from the pump as close to the meter as possible. ( See typical installation diagram below)
  • The air / gas release Should be piped to a vapor recovery system or to a flare at a safe point of discharge . If a manually controlled Valve is provided on the Vent pipe for Safety reasons it should be “LOCKED OPEN” during normal Operation – to be unlocked by authored personnel only.
  • Under conditions where flow through the gas Separator needs to be controlled , flow switches (HIGH / LOW / STOP) can be fitted on the Gas Separator to actuate a digital Control Valve (DCV).
  • A properly sized strainer should be installed up stream of the Gas Separator to protect the air release Value and prevent clogging during start-up.
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