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    Mist Collection


    Introducing Constellation Introducing “Constellation,” a state-of-the-art oil mist collector range featuring eight meticulously designed models to cater to ...

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    Micronfilter USA KUBE Mist Collector

    Engineered Filtration, Inc. are experts in the field of oil purification equipment. Our filtration equipment is designed to remove water from oil; filter particulate out ...

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    Micronfilter USA Micron Mist Collector

    The Microil series centrifugal mist collectors have been designed for use on all machine tools using emulsified or oil based cooling lubricants. The product range ...

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    Introducing Nebula Introducing “Nebula” – a range of compact, efficient, and easily maintainable oil mist collectors, the perfect solution for all your ...

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    Introducing Orion Introducing “Orion,” the cutting-edge generation of oil mist collectors and industrial air filters specially designed for high production ...

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