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Introducing Nebula

Introducing “Nebula” – a range of compact, efficient, and easily maintainable oil mist collectors, the perfect solution for all your machine tool needs. With six different models offering varying flow rates and motor powers, you can effortlessly find the ideal fit for your specific machine size. Enjoy the convenience of choosing between three distinct filter elements tailored to your machining requirements without any structural modifications needed. Nebula industrial air filters boast hassle-free installation directly onto your machine tool, eliminating the need for additional accessories and ensuring a quick setup process. The oil mist collectors are equipped with two filtration stages, each monitored by its dedicated manometer, guaranteeing maximum filtration efficiency. Designed with precision, Nebula industrial air filters are not only energy-efficient but also optimize maintenance times, resulting in substantial cost savings. Equipped with specialized centrifugal fans, these filters deliver high performance while keeping energy consumption to a minimum. Discover the versatility and efficiency of “Nebula” oil mist collectors to enhance your machining operations and maintain a cleaner, healthier work environment.

Working Process:
  1. Air Entry: The internal air within the machine tool is expertly channeled into the oil mist collector’s suction inlet by its powerful fan. The centrifugal effect facilitates the recondensation of small oil particles, ensuring efficient filtration.
  2. Main Filter: The air further progresses through the main filter element, which comprises a choice between a special polyurethane sponge filter or a folded cartridge filter with a coalescent sleeve. These filters effectively capture any remaining contaminants.
  3. Post-Filter (Optional): For added filtration excellence, the air proceeds upwards through an optional last stage, featuring an absolute HEPA filter of class H13, ensuring even the tiniest particles are removed.
  4. Air Exit: Finally, the filtered air exits the oil mist collector and is safely reintroduced into the working environment. The re-condensed oil is efficiently discharged through a designated drainage outlet.
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