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Argo Portable Filtration offline

Technical Specifications

Flow Rate: 4.2 gpm
Suction Hose: 85″ long,W/ mesh screen
Discharge Hose: 94.5″ long with pipe end
Filter Elements: 3 µm (Micron) absolute
Part # V7.1220-13
1 µm (Micron) absolute
Part # V7.1220-113
Hydraulic Fluids: Mineral Oil and Biodegradable fluids
Electrical: 110 Volt / 60 Hz
Other Voltages Available
Weight: 38 Lbs.

The Argo Off-line Portable Filter Unit features a compact lightweight design, the unit is ideal for filling hydraulic tanks, transferring fluids or off-line filtration of your hydraulic systems.

Design Details

With a total weight of only 38 pounds and a compact size of only 23.5″ high x 11.8″ wide x 15.75″ deep, the filter unit can easily be transported. A large integrated oil pan catches leaking oil when the unit is both in the upright as well as in the vertical position. An intelligent hose mounting device provides neat and convenient way to store hoses when not in use.
The unit is 110 volt and overload protection is built into the terminal box. The high power 110 volt electrical motor uses a start and working capacitor which guarantees full flow even with cold oil. The integral, maintenance free gear pump emits very little noise and the suction hose includes an integral relief valve with mesh screen which prevents oil from flowing out and large solids from being drawn into the pump.


The fluid is forced through a highly efficient filter element which guarantees a very high level of cleanliness. The manometer gauge indicates the degree to which the filter element is clogged. If the clogged filter element is not serviced, an integral pressure relief valve bypasses the fluid internally and protects the pump and motor against damage.

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