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Jumbo Cartridge Filter Housings

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Jumbo Cartridge Filter Housings
The ideal filter housings for optimum convenience and savings! Jumbo cartridge filter housings are designed to accept a single cartridge for easy cartridge installation and replacement. Jumbo cartridge filters are available with convenient band-clamp and swing-bolt lid closures; 304L and 316L stainless steel and 150 or 300 psi pressure ratings. Pipe fittings are 2″ FNPT, with pressure gauges provided on both the inlet and outlet fittings. Protective poly coat over stainless steel is standard finish. Electro-polishing and passivation are available by special order. Replacement cartridges are cleanable and reusable.
Housing Features:
  • Accepts one, single “jumbo” cartridge for optimum convenience
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction for durability
  • 304L and 316L stainless steel available
  • Band clamp or swing-bolt lid closures
  • 2″ FNPT pipe fittings readily accessible for easy installation
  • Pressure gauges installed on both inlet and outlet fittings
  • Superior sealing provided by threaded compression cap & stand-off ring
  • Mounting legs are standard
  • Electro-polishing and passivation available by special order
  • Flow rates to 150 GPM
  • Accepts 30-3/4″ and 29-3/4″ length cartridges
Adjustable compression cap Provides superior sealing at both cartridge ends.
Part No. Lid Closure Material Pipe Fittings Cartridge Required Filter Dimensions Ship Wt.
SJCH-170-C-304 Clamp 304L 2″ FNPT with gauges “170” 12-1/2″ x 46″ 61 lbs.
SJCH-170-SB-304 Swing-bolt 304L 2″ FNPT with gauges “170” 12-1/2″ x 46″ 80 lbs.
SJCH-170-C-316 Clamp 316L 2″ FNPT with gauges “170” 12-1/2″ x 46″ 61 lbs.
SJCH-170-SB-316 Swing-bolt 316L 2″ FNPT with gauges “170” 12-1/2″ x 46″ 80 lbs.
Micron Product Code-Standard (19-1/2″) Product Code-Standard (30-3/4″) Product Code-EPDM (29-1/4″) No./cs Ship Wt.
1 SJC-90-1EZ SJC-170-1EZ SJEDMC-170-1EZ 1 10 lbs.
5 SJC-90-5EZ SJC-170-5EZ SJEDMC-170-5EZ 1 10 lbs.
20 SJC-90-20EZ SJC-170-20EZ      
50 SJC-90-50EZ SJC-170-50EZ      
Jumbo Cartridges
100% E-Z clean pleated polyester filter media. Cartridges can be cleaned and reused multiple times to dramatically reduce filtration costs.
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