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Introducing the remarkable Automag magnetic separators – your gateway to proficiently separating magnetic sludge from industrial coolants sourced from ferrous machining applications. Engineered to excel in demanding environments, these separators are versatile for both emulsions and neat oil, obviating the need for consumable filter materials and simplifying maintenance.

Embrace the true potential of Automag magnetic separators, whether as standalone units or magnetic pre-filters, harmonizing seamlessly with paper filtration systems or self-cleaning filtration setups. This strategic synergy optimizes filtration efficiency while significantly curbing paper filter media consumption.

Unlock modular convenience with a comprehensive range of models, ensuring tailored solutions impeccably suited to your unique machine tool application. The COMBINABLE nature of Automag magnetic separators seamlessly integrates them with Engineered Filtration’s coolant filtration range, optimizing overall filtration performance.

Working Process:
  1. Dirty Coolant Entry:Contaminated coolant enters via gravity or pressure into a calming vessel before encountering a set of rotating magnetic disks.
  2. Filtration Process: These magnetic disks adeptly capture ferrous particles, ensuring meticulous purification. A stainless-steel scraper blade operates continuously, efficiently removing collected sludge onto a discharge slide.
  3. Recycling of Filtered Liquid: : The purified coolant is seamlessly gathered in a lower tank, ready for swift redirection to your machine tools via a transfer pump.

Reimagine coolant management through the ingenuity of Automag magnetic separators – the quintessential solution for pristine coolant and impeccable machine tool performance.

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