Cosmic Dust - Advanced Industrial Dust Extractor
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Introducing Cosmic Dust: The Advanced Industrial Dust Extractor

Cosmic Dust offers a comprehensive range of self-cleaning dust extractors and industrial dedusters, designed to capture machining dust at the source, effectively preventing the dispersion of dangerous pollutants into the working environment. Equipped with innovative electronic control units, Cosmic Dust dust extractors continuously monitor filter clogging status and intelligently manage cleaning cycles for optimal performance. The IFA-BGIA certified filtration elements ensure suitability for various applications, maintaining Cosmic Dust in perfect efficiency with its automatic filter cleaning system. Additional options include a stellar rotary valve for continuous dust discharge, along with various accessories and sensors for enhanced safety and diagnostics. From single, large machine tools to centralizing multiple suction points, the Cosmic Dust range adapts seamlessly to different setups.

Working Process:
  1. Air Entry: Air enters the dust extractor’s calming chamber, slowing down airspeed to enable heavier dust particles to fall into a collecting bin at the base.
  2. Filtration: Finer dust particles rise through folded cartridges with a wide filtration surface, efficiently capturing even the tiniest impurities. The cartridges maintain their efficiency with a compressed air counter-washing system, precisely managed by an advanced cyclic programmer.
  3. Post Filtration (Optional): If present, the air continues through an absolute HEPA filter with exceptional efficiency, classified as H13.
  4. Air Exit: The filtered air is either reintroduced into the working environment or channeled externally through an air expulsion chimney.
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