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Micronfilter USA Evotech Coolant Filter

Filtration Of Liquids & Gases From Coarse To Submicronic
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The Evotech series of coolant filters have been deigned for high performance filtration while utilizing a minimum amount of valuable floor space. The deep bed design offers a higher level of filtration performance and allows the filtered material/sludge to dry thoroughly before the filter media is indexed forward.

The Evotech Coolant Filter has been designed to be the BEST coolant filter available in today’s market. Intelligent engineering makes this product a quality piece of equipment that is sure to increase performance in any shop.

The Evotech Coolant Filter is designed for use on all different types of metalworking machine tools and can filter emulsions/water based and oil based coolants up to a maximum viscosity of 20° cSt at 100°F (40°C). Filtration capacity is for flow ranges from 7.9 – 158.5 gpm (30 to 600 lt/min).

Depending on the fabric used, the filtration efficiency ranges from 10 to 60 microns.

What makes the Evotech Coolant Filter Different?

The solid and robust construction of this coolant filter consists of the following benefits;

Heavy duty galvanized sheet metal (stainless steel on request), all components are shaped by an automatic bending machine without welding and they are finished with a high quality powder coated finish for a long life.

The EVOTECH coolant filter has a unique perforated and inclined filter media support bed which completely supports the filter media and allows the media to thoroughly drain reducing coolant drag out. In addition, the Evotech features a fabric rewinding system run which is operated by a gear motor to rewind the dirty filter fabric for easy disposal and maintenance.

A float switch indexes the media forward once the float switch rises in the tank indicating that the filter fabric is dirty. A horizontal scraper blade removes the accumulated sludge prior to the spent media being rewound on the dirty roll.

The Evotech Coolant Filter comes completed with an electric control panel, coolant tank, filter bed, re-circulation pump and waste bin. A variety of optional accessories are available to customize the unit to your unique needs.


How It Works;

The contaminated liquid is sent into a trough (2) that distributes it uniformly on the filter media (1) below. The inclined filter media support bed (3 & 4) allows for more head pressure to be built due the coolant depth. This allows an accumulation of solids which also increases the filter efficiency of the filter media resulting in a significant savings in filter fabric. As the solids are removed and progressively accumulate on the filter media, the sludge restricts the flow through the media. As the liquid level rises on the filter media the float switch begins to rise and eventually triggers the micro switch. This switch starts the gear reduction motor (6) and pulls the used fabric forward. As the fabric sits on the inclined support (4), the coolant drains back to the tank (8) resulting in a dryer sludge. A horizontal scraper blade (5) scrapes the dried sludge off the filter media into a waste tank (7). The spent fabric is then rolled onto a spent roller allowing for easier maintenance. The filtered coolant passes into the coolant tank (8) and subsequently, depending on the application and accessories, can be re-circulated back into the
machine tool with the on board electric pump (9).

Removing the spend filter fabric roll is quick and easy.



Gallons (Liters)


Water based




HP (kw)

Gear Motor

HP (kw)

Evotech 30036 (135)15.8 (60)8 (30)0.21 (0.16)0.16 (012)
Evotech 50063 (240)26.4 (100)13.2 (50)0.40 (0.30)0.16 (012)
Evotech 700123 (465)45 (170)22.4 (85)0.71 (0.53)0.16 (012)
Evotech 1000161 (610)66 (250)33 (125)1.0 (0.78)0.16 (012)
Evotech 1200204 (770)92.4 (350)46.2 (175)1.5 (1.15)0.16 (012)
Evotech 1500304 (1150)132 (500)66 (250)4.8 (3.60)0.16 (012)

Optional bed cover, allows operator to walk on top of filter system.

Optional KALAMIT magnetic separator (2) fits right on the top to remove ferrous metal for enhanced scrap salvage or to extend the life of the filter media.

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