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High Pressure Filters

Filtration Of Liquids & Gases From Coarse To Submicronic
Customized Filtration Solutions
Oil Purification Systems

High Pressure Filters – Up To 20,000 PSI (1,360 Bar)

For oxygen, nitrogen and other industrial gases and liquids


up to 6000 PSI, 4 GPM/120 SCFM

  • Hex 304 S.S. Construction
  • Ports: 1/8” to 3/4” male or female NPT
  • MS33656 and MS33649-2 thru -12
  • Welded Shut

up to 10,000 PSI, 40 GPM/1750 SCFM

  • Stainless Steel, Monel Construction
  • Available in round and hex stock
  • Ports: 1/8” to 3/4” male or female NPT
  • MS33656 and MS33649-4 thru -16

up to 20,000 PSI, 50 GPM/4000 SCFM

  • Aluminum, Stainless Steel Construction
  • Ports: 1/4” to 1-1/2” NPT
  • MS33649 -8 thru -24
  • 1/4” to 3/4” Medium Pressure

up to 20,000 PSI, 8 GPM/225 SCFM

  • Aluminum, Stainless Steel Construction
  • Ports: 1/8” to 1/2” NPT
  • MS33649-4 thru -8
  • 1/4” to 9/16” Medium Pressure


up to 6000 PSI, 4 GPM/120 SCFM

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Ports: 1/8” to 1/2” male or female NPT
  • MS33656 and MS33649-2 thru -8
Replacement Filters For High Pressure Filters (Parts for 3B, Chase & Norman)
MNFR Part No. MNFR Part No. MNFR Part No.
3B 230-03CAN 3B 230-10CAE 3B 230-10CAN
3B 230-10CAV 3B 231-10CAE 3B 231-10CAN
3B 231-12MCN 3B 231-25CAN 3B 231-3CAN
3B 232-03CAN 3B 232-10CAN 3B 232-10CAV
3B 232-25CAN 3B 232-25CAV 3B 232-25MDN
3B 232-3CAV 3B 232-3MCE 3B 232-5CAN
3B 232-6MCN 3B 232-6MCN 3B 233-03CAN
3B 233-10CAN 3B 233-10CAN 3B 233-10CAV
3B 233-10CAV 3B 233-10CBN 3B 233-10WEN
3B 233-10WEN 3B 233-150WEN 3B 233-150WEV
3B 233-18WEV 3B 233-1MCN 3B 233-25CAN
3B 233-25CAT 3B 233-25CAV 3B 233-25CBN
3B 233-25WEV 3B 233-3CAN 3B 233-3MCE
3B 233-3MCN 3B 233-3MCV 3B 233-3MDN
3B 234-12MCV 3B 234-18WEV 3B 234-25WEV
3B 234-3CAN 3B 234-3CAN 3B 234-3CBN
3B 234-3MCV 3B 284-10CAN 3B 284-10CAV
3B 284-10CBN 3B 284-12MCN 3B 284-25CAN
3B 284-25CAV 3B 284-25CBV 3B 284-25MDV
3B 284-3CAN 3B 284-3MCN 3B 284-40WEN
3B 284-6MDN 3B 284D-25WDV 3B 285-10CAT
3B 285-10CBN 3B 285-10CBN 3B 285-10CBV
3B 285-10WEE 3B 285-12MCN 3B 285-200WE
3B 285-75WE 3B 286-10CBN 3B 286-10WEV
3B 286-25MCN 3B 286-25WEE 3B 286-3CBV
3B 286-3CBV 3B 286-3MCN 3B 286-3MCV
3B 286-75WEV 3B 3B1178 3B 3B30025
3B 3B30044 3B 3B30617 3B 3B30666
3B 3B30685 3B 3B30727 3B 3B30947
3B 3B31011 3B 3B31095 3B 3B32078
3B 3B3373 3B 3B5893 3B 3B6930-T
3B 3B6934 3B 412G-75VN 3B 588F-B5CL
3B 711-25WEN 3B 711-25WEV 3B 713-25WEN
3B 713-40WEV 3B 715-150WET 3B 715-300WET
3B 716-40WEV 3B 90E10CWLN 3B A8537-N3CB
3B A8575-N10CA 3B A8579-N12MC 3B A8579-V25CA-VB
3B E5010BW93 3B S82-2M2P-10 3B S82-2M2P-40
3B S82-3P3P-10 3B S82-4D4T-20 3B S82-4P4P-10
3B S82-4T4T-10 3B S82-4T4T-40 3B S8550-N10WE-D2
3B S8550-V18WE 3B S8550-V18WE Chase 11E10CALN
Chase 21-2M2P-10S Chase 21-2M2P-40S Chase 21-3P3P-10S
Chase 21-4D4T-20S Chase 21-4P4P-10S Chase 21-4T4T-10S
Chase 21-4T4T-40S Chase 31E-25SEN Chase 31E-25SEV
Chase 32E-100SEV Chase 33E-25SEN Chase 34E-150WST
Chase 35E-40VN Chase 41E-10CAE Chase 41E-10CAN
Chase 41E-10CAV Chase 41E-3CAN Chase 42E-03CAN
Chase 42E-10CAN Chase 42E-10CAV Chase 42E-25CAN
Chase 42E-25CAV Chase 42E-25MDN Chase 42E-3CAV
Chase 42E-3MCE Chase 42E-5CAN Chase 42E-6MCN
Chase 44E-10CAE Chase 44E-10CAN Chase 44E-12MCN
Chase 44E-25CAN Chase 44E-3CAN Chase 51A-168S-10CAN
Chase 51A-168S-3CBV Chase 51A-2412P-12MCN Chase 51A-2412P-25CAN-VB
Chase 51E-03CAN Chase 51E-10CAN Chase 51E-10CAN
Chase 51E-10CAV Chase 51E-10CAV Chase 51E-10CBN
Chase 51E-10WEN Chase 51E-10WEN Chase 51E-150WEN
Chase 51E-150WEV Chase 51E-18WEV Chase 51E-1MCN
Chase 51E-25CAN Chase 51E-25CAT Chase 51E-25CAV
Chase 51E-25CBN Chase 51E-25SE Chase 51E-25SEV
Chase 51E-3CAN Chase 51E-3MCE Chase 51E-3MCN
Chase 51E-3MCV Chase 51E-3MDN Chase 51E-6MCN
Chase 51S-108P-10S-D2 Chase 51S-108P-18SV Chase 51S-108P-18SV
Chase 52E-12MCV Chase 52E-18WEV Chase 52E-25WEV
Chase 52E-3CAN Chase 52E-3CAN Chase 52E-3CBN
Chase 52E-3MCV Chase 53E-10CAN Chase 53E-10CAV
Chase 53E-10CBN Chase 53E-12MCN Chase 53E-12MDV
Chase 53E-25CAN Chase 53E-25CAV Chase 53E-25CBV
Chase 53E-25MDV Chase 53E-3CAN Chase 53E-3MCN
Chase 53E-3MDV Chase 53E-40SEV Chase 53E-40WEN
Chase 53E-6MDN Chase 53ED-25WDV Chase 54E-10CAT
Chase 54E-10CBN Chase 54E-10CBN Chase 54E-10CBV
Chase 54E-10SEE Chase 54E-10SEN Chase 54E-12MCN
Chase 54E-200SE Chase 54E-300WST Chase 54E-40SEN
Chase 54E-75SE Chase 55E-10CBN Chase 55E-10SEV
Chase 55E-25MCN Chase 55E-25SEE Chase 55E-3CBV
Chase 55E-3CBV Chase 55E-3MCN Chase 55E-3MCV
Chase 55E-3MDN Chase 55E-5MDN Chase 55E-75SEV
Chase CFC-26138 Chase CFC-90021 Chase CFCE-12617
Chase CFCE-18563 Chase CFCE-21639 Chase CFCE-21639
Chase CFCE-23678 Chase CFCE-24078 Chase CFCE-26139
Chase CFCE-26140 Chase CFCE-26141 Chase CFCE-26363
Chase CFCE-27177 Chase FLU # 4931 Chase FLU # FSN052903
Norman 569412.00 Norman 30HF2-10ML Norman 30HF2-10MLL
Norman 30HF2-5MM Norman 4001A-03P Norman 4001A-03PL
Norman 4001A-10P Norman 4001A-10PE Norman 4001A-10PL
Norman 4001A-10PN Norman 4001A-25P Norman 4002-03PL
Norman 4002A-10PE Norman 4002A-10PL Norman 4002A-25PN
Norman 4002F-B10AL Norman 4003A-03PL Norman 4003A-03PL
Norman 4003A-05PL Norman 4003A-10PL Norman 4003A-10PN
Norman 4003A-10PN Norman 4003A-25PL Norman 4003F-B25CL
Norman 4003F-B3AE Norman 4003F-B5AL Norman 4004A-10PL
Norman 4004A-10PN Norman 411G-10VL Norman 4128P-10VN
Norman 413G-10VL Norman 413G-20VN Norman 415G-100VM
Norman 415G-200VM Norman 416G-20VN Norman 4210T-2MP
Norman 4210T-3PP Norman 4210T-4PM Norman 4210T-4TT
Norman 4220T-4DT Norman 4240T-2MP Norman 4240T-4TT
Norman 4525AA-10PL Norman 4535GG-05DN Norman 4535GG-05DN
Norman 4535GG-2XDL-S2 Norman 4586AA-25PN-VR Norman 4586AF-B10AL
Norman 4595AA-03RL Norman 535A-03PL Norman 535A-03PL
Norman 535A-10PL Norman 535A-10PN Norman 535A-10RL
Norman 535A-25PL Norman 535A-25PM Norman 535A-25PN
Norman 535A-25RL Norman 535F-B1CL Norman 535F-B3AE
Norman 535F-B3AL Norman 535F-B3AN Norman 535F-B3CL
Norman 535F-B5CL Norman 535G-05DN Norman 535G-05DN
Norman 535G-100DL Norman 535G-100DN Norman 535G-10DN
Norman 535G-2XDL Norman 535G-2XDV Norman 536A-03PL
Norman 536A-03RL Norman 536D-B3AN Norman 536F-03PL
Norman 536F-B3AN Norman 536G-05DN Norman 536G-10DL
Norman 586A-03PL Norman 586A-10PL Norman 586A-10PN
Norman 586A-10RL Norman 586A-25PL Norman 586A-25PN
Norman 586A-25RN Norman 586D-10CN Norman 586F-B10AL
Norman 586F-B25CN Norman 586F-B3AL Norman 586F-B5CL
Norman 586G-20DL Norman 587A-10PM Norman 587A-10RL
Norman 587A-10RL Norman 587A-10RN Norman 587F-B10AL
Norman 587G-100D Norman 587G-20DL Norman 587G-2XDE
Norman 587G-2XDL Norman 587G-40D Norman 588A-03RL
Norman 588A-03RN Norman 588A-10RL Norman 588F-B25AN
Norman 588F-B3AL Norman 588F-B3AN Norman 588F-B5CL
Norman 588G-10DE Norman 588G-2XDN Norman 588G-40D
Norman 610AQ Norman 712-100WEV Norman HYU-1003
Norman SCU1301 Norman TBF799 Norman TBF799
Norman TBF799 Norman TBF799 Norman TBF799
Norman TBF799 Norman U1673 Norman U-229
Norman U-90341
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