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Elevation Extension Kits

Introducing Elevation Extension Kits

Elevate Your Cleaning Experience Safely
In light of significant events involving the use of inappropriate cleaning tools in potentially explosive or hazardous settings, our Elevation extension kits redefine safety in specialized cleaning. Manufactured to the highest UK standards and available for shipment from stock in the USA, our DIV.2 poles are constructed from 100% Carbon Fiber, rigorously tested, and ATEX certified.

Key Features:

  • Safety First: Engineered for use in DIV 2 environments, ensuring compliance with the most stringent safety standards.
  • Versatile Accessories: Fully accessorized with a range of conductive and anti-static accessories, offering flexibility in various cleaning scenarios.
  • Industry-Specific Solutions: Tailored kits available for specific industries, with standard versions for non-div 2 classified environments.

Other Innovative Products:

  1. High-Voltage Safe: Specifically designed for extreme high-voltage areas, providing a safe alternative to regular “Elevation kits” in prohibited zones.
  2. Food Safe: A unique solution with FDA-approved cleaning heads, addressing high-level dust and flour dispersion in food and beverage manufacturing environments.
  3. Universal: A flexible cleaning system for both internal and external use, featuring 2” cleaning poles, gutter cleaning tools, and a set of 1.5” internal cleaning heads.
  4. Internal Classic: Offering a safe and efficient way to clean heights up to 30ft from ground level. The 1.5” classic pole is crafted from high-grade 3K Carbon Fiber for durability without compromising on weight.
Elevate your cleaning operations with the Elevation extension kits and our suite of innovative, safety-focused cleaning solutions. Designed and manufactured in the UK for excellence you can trust and available for immediate shipment in the USA.
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