Vortex Filter - Ultimate Fume and Dust Extractor
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Introducing VORTEX – Your Ultimate Fume and Dust Extractor

VORTEX offers a versatile range of three models, each equipped with different motor powers and flow rates, thoughtfully tailored to match various machining applications. This exceptional fume and dust extractor boasts the unique ability to combine different filter elements, providing a seamless solution for treating both smoke and dust without any structural modifications. With the capability to fit up to 5 progressive filter elements, easily monitored by a manometer, VORTEX ensures maximum filtration efficiency throughout operation. The intelligent visual system equips the dust extractor with an intuitive display of the filter element’s status, facilitating timely maintenance.

Designed for convenience and efficiency, VORTEX features pivoting wheels for swift transportation between workstations, and a jointed suction arm to capture pollutants directly at their source. Perfectly suited for applications in welding, grinding machining processes, and machine tools without cabins, VORTEX is the go-to choice for treating smoke and mist generated during various industrial processes.

How VORTEX Works:
  1. Air Entry: Air enters the calming chamber, slowing down its speed to facilitate the collection and precipitation of polluting particles.
  2. Pre-filter: VORTEX is equipped with a special pre-filtration section, featuring various filter media types depending on the pollutants being treated.
  3. Main Filter: A folded cartridge filter with an extensive filtration surface and high efficiency effectively captures even the tiniest pollutant particles. The cartridge is protected by a coalescent sleeve, prolonging its lifespan.
  4. Air Exit: Filtered air is safely reintroduced into the working environment, ensuring a clean and pollutant-free space. (For advanced filtration needs, an absolute HEPA filter, class H13, is available upon request.)
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