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Discover the remarkable filtration capabilities of our Hydroflux, designed to efficiently handle both magnetic and non-magnetic pollutants in industrial coolant. These filters excel at processing substantial volumes of coolant in compact spaces, offering highly effective filtration while minimizing filter fabric consumption.

Integrating Hydroflux gravity coolant filters with Automag magnetic separators elevates filtration efficiency by effectively treating coolant liquid and reducing filter paper usage. This hydrostatic filtration system accommodates single machines or centralizes multiple machine tools, ensuring versatility in application.

Experience the advantage of MORE EFFICIENCY IN REDUCED SPACES as our Hydroflux efficiently manage high flow rates within limited areas. Through the ingenious application of hydrostatic principles, these filters enhance filtration performance and reduce filter fabric consumption, ultimately optimizing your coolant filtration process.

Versatility is a hallmark of Hydroflux, allowing for the incorporation of various filter fabric types to achieve the ideal filtration grade for your machining application. Choose from twelve hydrostatic filter models, spanning flow rates from 100 to 4300 l/m (emulsion) and 50 to 2150 l/m (neat oil). Revolutionizing coolant filtration, these filters feature a deeper frame that facilitates higher hydrostatic pressure development within the coolant filter bed. This unique design accommodates increased flow rates while minimizing filter fabric consumption, all while utilizing the same filtering surface area.

Applications encompass a diverse range, including centerless grinding, surface grinding, creep feed grinding, ID grinding, OD grinding, abrasive belt grinding, and cutoff saw coolant filtration.

Working Process:
  1. Dirty Coolant Entry:Contaminated coolant is channeled through gravity or pressure to the filter, passing through a diffuser that evenly disperses the liquid across the underlying filter fabric. Pollutants are effectively retained by the fabric.
  2. Filtration Process: As the filter accommodates a significant amount of coolant, internal pressure gradually compacts waste material onto the fabric. This dual effect intensifies filtration efficiency and reduces filter media consumption. Upon fabric clogging, the liquid level increases, lifting a float mechanism.
  3. Filter Media Advancement: Triggered by the float, a gearmotor activates, rotating the chain on which the clogged fabric rests. The fabric is automatically extracted, optionally rewound, and replaced by clean fabric. This process restores the fabric’s permeability, allowing uninterrupted coolant flow.
  4. Clean Coolant Exit: Purified coolant is directed to a collection tank where it can resupply machining operations, ensuring optimal processing as per your requirements.

Experience the innovation of Hydroflux, where efficiency meets performance, resulting in a cleaner and more productive machining environment.

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