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Introducing Orion

Introducing “Orion,” the cutting-edge generation of oil mist collectors and industrial air filters specially designed for high production machine tools and heavy machining applications under high pressure. With six different models offering various powers and airflow rates, finding the perfect fit for your machine tool is effortless. Choose from different filter elements to effectively filter oil or emulsion without the need for structural modifications to the air filter. Orion oil mist collectors offer a practical system with three selectable suction points, making installation on the machine tool a breeze. These industrial air filters are equipped with five filter elements featuring progressive filtration efficiencies, and each unit comes with a manometer to monitor and ensure optimum filtration efficiency. To provide clear status updates, Orion oil mist collectors are integrated with an intelligent visual system. Designed for high performance and energy efficiency, Orion industrial filters are equipped with special centrifugal fans.

Working Process:
  1. Air Entry: The air inside the machine tool is channeled into the oil mist collector’s suction inlet, where it passes through three filtration stages: pre-filter, main filter, and final filter.
  2. Pre-filter: The pre-treatment section includes options such as a washable metallic filter (G2 efficiency) or a multi-layer glass fiber filter for oil (or a washable drop separator for emulsion).
  3. Main Filter: This stage features a cellulose, folded cartridge filter with an expansive filtration surface and high efficiency (over 95%, F9), covered with a coalescent filter.
  4. Final Filter (optional): For enhanced filtration, an absolute HEPA filter class H13 with an efficiency of 99.95% can be added. rough an optional last stage, featuring an absolute HEPA filter of class H13, ensuring even the tiniest particles are removed.
  5. Air Exit: After the filtration process, the cleaned air exits the oil mist collector and is reintroduced into the working environment. Additionally, the re-condensed oil inside the oil mist collector is seamlessly reintegrated into the machining process through a practical drainage hose.
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