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Micronfilterusa Micron Mist Collector

The Microil series centrifugal mist collectors have been designed for use on all machine tools using emulsified or oil based cooling lubricants. The product range consists of two basic models fitted with different turbine blades and motor horsepowers to provide a good overall choice (up to 7 different combinations) of evacuation capacity, to suit most machine tools involved. All Microil mist collector models can be fitted with pre- and post-filters at any time. This flexibility allows for the Microil mist collector to grow with your needs and not be easily obsolete. The Microil mist collectors can also be supplied (on request) complete with installation kits which include supports, stands, hose, clamps, fixing plates, etc. The mist laden air is evacuated from the machine tool by the negative pressure created by our special backwardly curved turbine impeller. The air enters the vacuum casing at a high tangential speed caused by the powerful centrifugal turbine. A coalescent action takes place where the small micro-particles of mist form together into larger droplets. The droplets, now in a liquid state are recovered and flow out the drainage pipe back to the coolant sump. The air then passes to the second filtration stage, which consists of a replaceable coalescing type pre-filter and a large pleated cellulose filter cartridge which has a very large surface area for low pressure drop and long life. The dual combination of dynamic elimination and static filtration ensures a high level of performance equal to 98% removal. With the addition of the optional post filter we are able to increase the performance of the filtration system to 99.997% efficiency.
Microil 600 353 (600) 61.3 (5.7) 1/4 (0.18) 61 (28) 64
Microil 800 470 (800) 61.3 (5.7) 1 (0.75) 64 (29) 68
Microil 1200 706 (1200) 61.3 (5.7) 1 (0.75) 66 (30) 72
Microil 1500 883 (1500) 158.2 (14.7) 2 (1.5) 121 (55) 74
Microil 2000 1,177 (2000) 158.2 (14.7) 2 (1.5) 123 (56) 75
Microil 2600 1,530 (2600) 158.2 (14.7) 2 (1.5) 123 (56) 75
Microil 3000 1,765 (3000) 158.2 (14.7) 2 (1.5) 123 (56) 76
The Microil pre-filter uses three stages of pre-filtration to protect the mist collector and the turbine blade. The three levels are;
  1. Bottom metal mesh filter
  2. Middle Droplet separator
  3. Top Acrylic media filter
The Microil pre-filter is recommended in applications with extremely heavy mist or the possibility of slugs of coolant being drawn into the intake. In addition, we recommend the pre-filter where chips are flying around the cabinet and have the possibility of being drawn into the mist collector intake.
The Microil optional post filter will increase the performance of the filtration system to 99.997% efficiency. The optional post-filter will remove smoke and fine mist.
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