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Introducing Constellation

Introducing “Constellation,” a state-of-the-art oil mist collector range featuring eight meticulously designed models to cater to diverse industrial needs. Whether for centralized filtration solutions or efficient oil mist extraction on large machine tools, Constellation offers comprehensive solutions. With a progressive five-filter element system, these collectors ensure optimal workshop air quality. Equipped with a built-in differential manometer, Constellation industrial air filters continuously monitor filter clogging, while an intelligent visual system combined with RDP1 technology provides real-time insight into filter element status. Whether for individual machine tools or central installations across multiple machines, the Constellation range’s adaptable design excels. Its focus on energy efficiency, streamlined maintenance, and cost savings underscores its exceptional performance. Experience the cutting-edge technology of Constellation oil mist collectors and transform your workshop environment into a healthier, more efficient space for industrial success.

Working Process:
  1. Air Entry: The process begins as air enters the oil mist collector’s calming chamber, where it’s meticulously slowed down to encourage the condensation of oil particles.
  2. Pre-filtration: Moving through the system, the air undergoes effective pre-filtration by passing through two washable filter elements: a convenient drop separator and a metallic filter. These components are thoughtfully situated in an easily accessible extractable drawer, ensuring swift and effortless maintenance.
  3. Main Filter: At the core of the system, the main filtration area employs folded cartridges with an expansive filtration surface and exceptional efficiency, aimed at addressing even the minutest pollutants. This critical stage is further fortified by highly absorbent coalescent filter sleeves, adding longevity to the filter cartridges’ lifespan.
  4. Final Filter (optional): For enhanced filtration, an absolute HEPA filter class H13 with an efficiency of 99.95% can be added. rough an optional last stage, featuring an absolute HEPA filter of class H13, ensuring even the tiniest particles are removed.
  5. Post Filtration (Optional): For the ultimate in air purification, an optional absolute HEPA filter, classified as H13, takes post-filtration to new heights with its remarkable efficiency.
  6. Air Exit:As the journey concludes, the now clean and purified air has two options: reintegration into the work environment or external release through an air expulsion chimney. This comprehensive process typifies the superior oil mist collection capabilities of the “Constellation” range, enhancing air quality, safeguarding machinery, and streamlining maintenance tasks.
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