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This high-capacity centralized suction unit is designed to capture airborne dust and comes equipped with an electrical panel for system management, which can be remotely controlled. The unit also features an INVERTER with electronic regulation of speed and airflow rate, which is preset for INDUSTRIA 4.0. The 4 kW unit is available in an ATEX Z22 version and can handle suctioning for large suction hoods or multiple suction points simultaneously, with a capacity of 2,500 m3/h. The filtering system consists of 4 cartridges with a filtering surface area of 10 m2 and is equipped with automatic cleaning in counter-current air, ensuring the maintenance of filtering efficiency and preventing clogging. The unit is equipped with a Ø560 mm 100-liter container with an integrated handle and wheels, making it easy to empty. It also comes with a support trolley for added convenience. When implemented in a pipe network, it can be installed in a central vacuum system.
  • Power5.3HP
  • Surface15,500in²
  • Capacity26.4

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  • Larger cleaning radius with smaller footprint
  • Automatic filter cleaning system
  • Reduced cleaning time, costs and operators
  • Increased safety with ATEX certified systems
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