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RGS Vacuum Systems has introduced a new line of machines designed to cater to the food industry’s growing demands. The BT-H (Blue Tech-Hopper) series pneumatic conveyors are capable of handling various bulk materials, such as powders, pellets, granules, and irregularly shaped particles, while maintaining their integrity and minimizing waste. These conveyors use vacuum technology generated by electric or compressed air suction units to transfer materials between two points without risking product contamination. Certification & Food Products The BT-H series pneumatic conveyors are certified to transfer food products safely and without dust, making them ideal for the food industry. They comply with EC Reg. No. 1935/2004 standards, which require that food products be transported in an airtight system that prevents any contamination risk. Moreover, the vacuum technology used by the conveyors creates a dust-free environment, ensuring the hygiene and cleanliness of the product. Shipping Everywhere RGS Vacuum Systems’ BT-H line is designed to provide flexibility in use worldwide, enabling the company to ship their machines anywhere globally. The conveyors’ materials in direct contact with the product are fully compliant with the FDA’s (Food & Drug Administration) requirements. Hazardous Dust The BT-H series pneumatic conveyors are also suitable for handling hazardous dust and materials, which are a common issue in the food industry. Some food powders, especially fine ones, can create potentially explosive atmospheres, making it crucial to use equipment that can handle high-risk conditions. The BT-H conveyors are engineered for such situations, providing a safe and reliable solution for dust and hazardous material handling.
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