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Screw machine filtration

Engineered Filtration Inc. is a group of experts with a passion in screw machine filtration .

If you do not have the proper machining filtration solutions you increase health risks to employees such as metal splinters and burrs, eye injuries, skin irritation, respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and cancer.

These screw machine filtration solutions not only boost productivity but also safeguard the well-being of your workforce.

Our commitment lies in ensuring a work environment that’s not just safe but also characterized by cleanliness and health.

Here is a link to the risks and safety hazards involved with machine shops from the Occupational Health and Safety Blog.

Here is a link to the “Metalworking Fluids: Safety and Health Best Practices Manual ” from OSHA.

Engineered Filtration’s mission is threefold:

  • Enhance working conditions within manufacturing facilities
  • Optimize production processes
  • Play a part in environmental betterment

Maintaining a clean and controlled metalworking environment is paramount. It safeguards employee safety, minimizes maintenance, equipment repair, and ensures contamination-free end products.

We are your single screw machine filtration reference point, offering metalworking solutions for industrial filtration , coolant filtration, dust collection, mist collection, industrial vacuums, filter housings , & more.

Our team of experts will guide you through your screw machine filtration choices, project fulfillment and through pre- and post- sales assistance. These are just a few of the areas where we make a difference!

In addition, we offer a complete line of all types of air filters, liquid filters, gas, hydraulic and lubricating oil filtration products.

We are well-equipped to provide tailored screw machine filtration solutions to meet the demands of every machining scenario, especially concerning mist collection and air filtration.

Our range of innovative industrial air filtration solutions is designed to tackle the challenges posed by coolant mist and smoke. Featuring Orion, Nebula , and Constellation , these mist collector units have been meticulously crafted for high-production machine tools, heavy-duty machining, and high-pressure mist applications. Their versatility makes them suitable for both individual machine installations and centralized solutions. Each of our units has been meticulously engineered with an unwavering dedication to quality and efficiency. They proudly feature multiple stages of top-tier filtration, ensuring superior performance in all aspects of mist collection and air filtration.

Our standalone and portable dust and fume extraction systems, Cosmic Dust and Vortex , offer a comprehensive range of self-cleaning dust extractors. They are meticulously designed to capture fine dust at the source, effectively preventing the dispersion of dangerous pollutants into the working environment. These units are equipped with innovative electronic control units that continuously monitor filter clogging status and intelligently manage cleaning cycles for optimal performance.

Furthermore, our units feature IFA-BGIA certified filtration elements, ensuring suitability for various applications while maintaining perfect efficiency with their automatic filter cleaning system.

Additional options include a stellar rotary valve for continuous dust discharge, along with various accessories and sensors for enhanced safety and diagnostics.

Whether you’re dealing with single, large machine tools or centralizing multiple suction points, our range of dust extractors adapt seamlessly to different scenarios.

We provide a wide range of industrial vacuum solutions tailored to specific needs:

  • ATEX and Class 2 Division 2 Explosion-Proof Vacuums: Engineered for use in combustible hazardous locations, these vacuums ensure safety during operation.
  • Single-phase Vacuums: Designed for convenience and portability, these vacuums offer reliable suction for general cleaning and various applications requiring single-phase equipment.
  • Three-Phase Vacuums: Featuring higher power motors, these vacuums deliver increased suction and performance, making them suitable for demanding tasks.
  • Centralized Vacuums: Ideal for multiple locations, these systems provide efficient cleaning through a single high-performance unit.
  • Pneumatic Conveyors: These vacuums are used for transporting materials from one or multiple areas to a final destination.
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Vacuums: Compliant with strict FDA regulations and safety requirements, these vacuums are designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Compressed Air Vacuums: Perfect for projects where electrical connections or moving parts are not suitable, these vacuums are powered by compressed air.
  • Machine Lubricant Vacuums: Specifically designed for emptying machine coolant tanks, these vacuums effectively remove chips and swarf down to 100 microns. They can efficiently pump the coolant back into the machine tank or tote, making them safe for use in hazardous environments.

All our vacuum systems are meticulously engineered for reliability, safety, exceptional suction power, and high filtration efficiency.

Discover our range of premium coolant filtration solutions, including AUTOMAG, INDEX, HYDROFLUX , and AUTOFLUX , tailored to effectively and efficiently filter industrial lubricants. These cutting-edge industrial coolant filtration units are meticulously engineered to excel at separating solids, including magnetic sludge, from both water-based emulsions and neat oil. Their design facilitates higher flow rates within a compact footprint, making them perfect for space-conscious applications.

These units offer a multitude of benefits, including significant cost savings associated with reduced coolant replacement, lower disposal costs, decreased wear, and tear on parts, and minimized maintenance requirements due to clogged coolant lines and damaged pumps.

These filtration solutions contribute to achieving a superior finish on parts while reducing labor required for maintenance.

Investing in your coolant filtration solutions enhance efficiency, prolong the life of your equipment, and cut operational costs.

Our state-of-the-art industrial chillers are your solutions for temperature control and industrial coolants include ICY , FREEZ, and ARTIK . These compact units with highly efficient evaporators, immersed cooling coils, and exclusive elements are low maintenance and available in a wide range of models.

Our oil skimmers solutions eliminate surface oils from industrial coolants include BELT , Portable Oil Skimmer, and Filter media . These solutions are perfect, simple, and versatile solutions for removing surface tramp oils, superficial oils, and other contaminants from coolants. The portable oil skimmer is the ideal solution for use on multiple machines.

Our Threephase and Compressed Air industrial vacuums are ideal for maintenance of machine tools. This compact, mobile vacuum unites are designed for various industries besides metalworking, such as construction, mechanical, agri-food, rubber, ceramic, plastics, and textile industries. (ON YOUR BROCHURE – under Compressed Air… the sentence doesn’t read right – I think you need to change the word “of” to “when”)

We have built solid screw machine filtration relationships with the top filter manufacturers in the world, providing our customers with full access to the largest filter catalog available in the industry.

Our experienced screw machine filtration sales team has extensive product knowledge, application expertise, and virtually unlimited industry resources.

If you want leading industrial and commercial screw machine filtration filtration products, both domestically and internationally, we would love to be your trusted, long-term filtration partner.

We can consolidate your filtration needs, which will streamline your inventory, save time and money, reduce administrative costs, optimize technology, increase profits, and improve your bottom line.

If you need solutions to your difficult filtration challenges, which will improve technology on high-usage applications and provide cost-effective interchanges on existing applications we are problem-solvers that can provide you high-quality, cost-effective solutions that resolve your most complicated filtration related issues.

Through our vast resources, Engineered Filtration, can design and build your customized OEM filtration products. Our custom product group includes items such as specialty filter vessels and cartridges, bags, elements, and portable filtration systems.

If you need pre-engineered or custom design solutions for any oil purification and filtration applications, such as vacuum dehydration, turbine oil conditioning, transformer oil purification, fuel regeneration and degasification we want to be your trusted long-term supplier.

In addition to screw machine filtration we offer a full range of machine shop filtration systems which include machine tool coolant filters, magnetic coolant filters, indexing media filters, deep bed coolant filters, mist collectors, central mist collector systems. dust collectors, portable dust collectors, portable welding smoke removal systems, EDM smoke ventilation systems. Please visit our full Engineered Filtration, Inc. website for complete machine shop solutions.

Some of the manufacturers and suppliers we represent are American Filtration Technologies, Inc., AFT Filters, ARGO HYTOS, Brinkmann Pumps, Cim Tek, Consler Filtration Products, Critical Process Filtration, Graver Technologies, Hydroquip, Keltec, Koch, Lakos, Lesac, Megator, Micron Technologies, MicronFilterUSA, Oil Filtration, Royal Filter, RPS Cooling, Shelco, We Got Pumps, Zinga and more.

Protecting Your Workforce

The individuals operating many types of manufacturing equipment are at the forefront of innovation. Ensuring their safety is paramount.

Engineered Filtration, Inc.’s screw machine filtration help create a healthier work environment by capturing potentially hazardous particles.

This not only safeguards the well-being of operators but also fosters a culture of innovation rooted in safety.

Check out the CDC manufacturing blog for all types of important safety information. such as:

Equipment Longevity: A Wise Investment

Engineered Filtration, Inc.’s filters, liquid filters, gas, hydraulic and lubricating filtration products are an important investment to ensure longevity, and reduced ongoing maintenance, for your manufacturing equipment.

Contact us for your screw machine filtration consultation.

We provide screw machine filtration in the United States, Mexico and Canada and have distributors in Dallas Texas, Austin Texas, Houston Texas, Cleveland Ohio, Dayton Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio, Toledo Ohio, Akron Ohio, Columbus Ohio, Fort Wayne Indiana, Indianapolis Indiana, South Bend Indiana, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Grand Rapids Michigan, Chicago, Peoria, Springfield Illinois, Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay Wisconsin, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, Allentown Pennsylvania, Union New Jersey, Albany, Syracuse, Rochester New York, Hartford, New Haven, Stamford Connecticut, Boston, Springfield, Pittsfield Massachusetts, Monterrey Mexico, Chihuahua Mexico, Juarez Mexico. In areas such as Seattle Washington, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco California, Portland Oregon, Phoenix, Nogales Arizona and Salt Lake City Utah where we do not have distributors, we service direct from our manufacturing facilities in San Marcos, Texas.

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