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It also eliminates one common question, how do I find and downloads. My eyesight’s poor so I’d like to be able to adjust the size of the text as you can do with PDF.

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We should not be restrained by conventions in the present. I had a lot of time invested in Adobe Illustrator, but got tired of the constant fees to use their software, so I invested in Affinity.

I probably didn’t NEED this book, as there are a lot of resources online. But I have to say, it is an incredibly well made book. Its super helpful and designed so well. The pages are vibrant and not overly stuffed with information, making it easier to read and work through.

A very useful and comprehensive review of the various tools and features of Affinity Designer. The work projects are useful and helpful. As with any comprehensive program, any book even a page book such as this one can only touch on a part of the software. Affinity Designer is a complex fully realized program that can do just about anything. In my experience, and I have been working with Adobe Illustrator for many years, it really goes beyond AI.

They the creators of AD have used AI as the base inspiration for a design program, and then thought carefully about how it could be better. And then they have gone and created something better. But, like any complex program, it requires an investment of time and effort to get the goodies.

Is it worth it? But don’t listen to any review coming from an AI user who has just “tried Affinity Designer” for a couple of days and then compares it to Adobe Illustrator. That will not possibly be a fair comparison. AF has re-thought too many things. And many folks forget all the effort they have spent learning AI.

Once you ‘get it’ though, many things are even easier in AF than they were before in AI. This program represents the future for design programs and is a great achievement. Affinity Designer Workbook The Workbook for Affinity Designer software will make your creative journey so much more enjoyable and productive from the get-go. This is a gorgeous publication, jam-packed with ideas and well organized information.

My wife picked it up and could hardly believe all those or so glossy pages and hard backing weigh so much.

The workbook is a credit to the publishers Serif–so much hard work and thought went into this and it shows on every page.

A few members on the Affinity forum commented on shipping damage : This publication should be packed in more than a close fitting cardboard box.

Amazon knows how to package items, but after after some couriers get their hands on them, hurling them like frisbees crashing into container walls, not many items can survive that treatment. The corners of the spine were damaged and it has a dent on the front–not really bad, but if I was buying it in a book store, I would expect a discount.

I did not take any stars away from the book, as it is a shipping issue which I will take up directly with Amazon. I will write a detailed review of the content as time permits. Tip: Don’t leave this sitting on the coffee table gathering dust.

It is a practical tool to help you express your true creative talents through this software. Amazingly crafted book. I have just started it but the information is well presented. However, I would advise not to get too hung up on the pages describing all of the menu items — it will bog you down and won’t make much sense anyway out of context of actually using them. Skim this section but move ahead to the exercises, and then go back to reference the menu items section when needed.

The good thing about this book is that is walks you through specific projects to learn how to use the software in the context of an actual project. Between the online tutorials, this book, and the help menu, the user is well covered. I am new to vector design, so there is quite a learning curve and things that appear simple from the online tutorials I am having to plod through and figure out one step at a time.

So far no complaints with this book or the software. Good stuff! This is a gorgeous book. Well designed in every way. A pleasure to look at and read. For every exercise, you need to type in a long URL to directly download the resource file in a zipped format.

Then you have to open each zip and extract it before you can use it. And the zipped files take too long to download on top. I’m disappointed that the designers of this workbook did not pay enough attention to the resource file utilization. I highly recommend the way Lynda-dot-com solved this issue. For each Affinity lesson, you first download all the resource files in one zip folder. After you extract it, you just double click the file and it opens up for you to follow the lesson without any hassles.

End of the story. No wonder a Google search will reveal many user questions asking where the Affinity resource files are. They are not easy to find unless you type in a long URL for each and every resource file.

I’m returning the workbook reluctantly since it’s such a good looking volume — that has little user value when it comes to following the instructions for individual tasks and projects. The book is incredible, with high quality finishes and materials. It has a lot of practical content, to improve the use of the software. One person found this helpful.

The Affinity App has a small font too. I’m feeling a bit over it with small fonts. So now I have to read with my reading glasses trying to do graphic art on a monitor which beckons me to remove my reading glasses when I’m trying to work on any computer art. Definitely a must buy for any beginners learning how to use affinity designer.

They also have projects in the book you can follow allowing with to understand the interface more in depth. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. The Serif company who produce Affinity software really should have called this book ‘Designer and illustrator work book’ because pages is devoted to creating illustrations which I wouldn’t call design. The page breakdown is this: 14 to 73 Interface tour; 74 to core skills; to illustration projects; to Design projects; to Index, this followed by four tear-out pages printed on card with keyboard shortcuts for Mac or PC.

I use Affinity Publisher so only about two thirds of the book is useful for me, especially the tour detailing what each part of the interface does. The book is designed in the usual contemporary way with extensive white space and leaded out text.

I find it odd that the book is not much less than the cost of the Affinity software it describes. Look inside the book at Westread Book Reviews then click and September. This is a good workbook, although I bought it thinking it was a reference guide. It takes you through the various steps of designing a logo with all of the techniques that go along with it explained thoroughly and clearly, so that you learn as you practice in their examples, as opposed to being able to jump from section to section when you need to work out what a button does or how to do something specific as a reference title would.

It’s still an incredibly handy guide to Affinity, though the cost is the same as for the excellent software itself. I feel that the book should be half the price it is, although it’s a nicely made, well thought out and fairly heavy book.


[Workbook affinity designer pdf free


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