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About Us

We are the leading technology developer in the field of liquid filtration systems and waste minimization products for our customers. Over the years we have produced an exceptional product line of industrial filters that includes high performance filtration solutions for multiple industries.

These industrial filters are backed up with our commitment to customers and custom solutions. Our “in-field” technicians help customers find high-performing, low cost approaches to filtration needs, maximizing the performance of our products and creating much higher returns on investment compared with other products. This combination of technology and industry expertise makes our filtration the most cost-effective solution available to customers today.

We have years of experience with coolant filtration systems: oil, water soluble emulsions, and pure synthetics.

We offer optional equipment such as tramp oil removal systems and automatic coolant addition.

Our machine coolant filtration systems are second to none. Please contact our sales department to discuss custom filtration systems for your particular application.

Coolant Filtration Systems contain:

  • A Coolant Filter
  • Two compartment tanks-a clean and dirty tank.
  • The dirty side receives coolant from the machine and holds the coolant until it is pumped through the filter.
  • The clean side receives the filtered coolant and holds it until it is pumped back to the grinder.
  • A Filter Pump which pumps dirty coolant to filter.
  • Clean pump/s which return clean, chilled coolant to the machine at desired flowrates and pressures.
  • A Chiller which removes heat from the coolant.
  • We also have portable filtering systems which include:

    Lower Maintenance Costs: Filtration systems remove hazardous particles and contaminants, keeping equipment safe and allowing it to function properly. This reduces the amount of time equipment will need to be down for maintenance and the number of repairs that will be required.

    Lower Energy Costs: Industrial water filtration systems recycle wastewater, saving money on energy and water costs.

    Eliminates Water Shortage Risks: Recycling water leads to greater water security, allowing for better performance efficiency, even in places exposed to drought or water shortages.

    Promotes reliable and advanced benefits: Industrial water filtration systems allow manufacturers to undertake processes that are cheaper and more plausible for both the company and the planet. Consumers are more concerned about the environment than ever before, and filtration systems result in environmentally safe processes.

    Central Filtration Systems

    We make fully automatic coolant filtration systems. These systems are designed to support a single machine like a gear grinder, or an entire shop. The larger, main systems will usually consist of sumps at each machine to pump back dirty coolant to the dirty tank. The larger systems also tend to have dispensable filter pumps and clean pumps to decrease downtime. Our Coolant Filter design is basic resulting in a reliable uptime obtainability range of 99%. A large percentage of our customer base are repeat customers which vindicate that our Coolant Filter users expect the performance and reliability of our filtration systems.

    Our Products supply filtering systems capable of water system filtration, cooling tower filtration and more.

    Industrial Water Filtration and Wastewater Filters

    Our Systems designs produce a broad range of industrial water treatment and wastewater treatment filters plus industrial water filtration systems for heavy industries as well as PFAS (PFOS/PFOA) water purification systems.

    Wastewater Treatment Options

    Custom-engineered industrial water, produced water and wastewater media, vacuum, pressure, and bag filters and systems are typically used to remove suspended solids, oils, PFAS (PFOS/PFOA) and other contaminants from water.

    Our Systems designs produce a broad range of industrial water treatment and wastewater treatment filters plus industrial water filtration systems for heavy industries as well as PFAS (PFOS/PFOA) water purification systems.

    Having a variety of industrial water filtration system options, products and filtration components to help solve your wastewater issues will be your huge advantage. Here are just a few examples of our water filtration products:

  • Mobile Water Purification Systems
  • Water Purification Systems
  • Stir Industrial Water Filter
  • Modular Turnkey Water Treatment System
  • Mobile Produced Water Recycling System
  • We also offer home installation for residential under sink point of use water filter systems and custom system options for your entire home.

    More About Us:

    Our bag filters, cartridge filters or Stir filter oil-water separation technologies are sold to many global industry leaders because we do things differently.

    Discover how these tested and proven water filtration systems are used in the treatment and purification of:

  • Industrial Process Water
  • Produced Water
  • Wastewater
  • Groundwater
  • Cooling Tower Water
  • PFAS Contaminated Water
  • And many other applications
  • Our Turnkey water and wastewater filtration systems include a combination of these components to get your water and wastewater recycled for reuse or disposal while following all environmental disposal guidelines:

  • Activated Carbon (GAC)
  • Ion-Exchange Resins (IEX)
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Walnut Shell Components
  • Each of your manufacturing and water filtering processes usually will have different water quality specifications.

    We have the engineering experts and the knowledge to review each of your needs. We’ll suggest the most cost-effective industrial water filtration technology that will work best for your manufacturing processes.

    From pressure filters to cartridge filters, and everything in between, you’ll almost always find the solution that you are looking for to solve your industrial water and wastewater needs.

    Contact us now! When you want help or with any of your industrial water and wastewater treatment, simply click here to contact us or give us a call at 000-000-0000, we’ll be happy to help you.

    Machine Tool Coolant Filtration Systems

    • Hot Oil Treatment System – Oil Purification System
    • Fluid Purity: Unrivaled when compared to new oil from the drum
    • Fully automated hot oil filter with no need for operator attention
    • Consistent with single or multiple test stations
    • Fully Modular Hot Oil System Design: No need for manual installation and configuration. Our modular systems are easily assembled for plug and play operation.
    • Built-in secondary containment holds all oil spills and permits spilled oil to be filtered and reused
    • Cartridge Filters consistently remove contaminants
    • Heating elements initiate quick start up times
    • Exact temperature control to within 1 degree℉ F
    • Insulated Hot Oil Treatment Systems for operations over 140℉ F
    • Transmission oil filter culminates in a diverse range of pressures and flow rates
    • Dehydration units can be integrated as optional equipment
    • Includes test stand supply pumps for any pressure
    • Includes hot oil filter feed pumps

    Tramp Oil Separators

    Tramp Oil Contamination in Machine Tool Coolant Sumps is a major cause of:

  • Reduced Coolant and liquid Cleaner Life
  • Higher Exposure to Odor and Bacteria
  • Recurring Coolant Disposal
  • More Machine Down Time
  • We offer an exclusive line of Tramp Oil Separators made with the following features in mind:
  • Permanent or Portable – All models can be built as permanent or portable versions.
  • High Quality Steel Construction – Carbon Steel comes Standard with Stainless and Optional for liquid Parts Cleaners.
  • Compact sizes
  • Lower Coolant Waste when compared to skimmers that can separate coolant and tramp oil.
  • Unsurpassable Tramp Oil Removal – Floating Suction moves around sump compared to fixed skimmer belts.
  • Simple Design – No Internal Moving Parts
  • Low Operating Cost – No replaceable parts with Minimal Utilities.
  • Range of Flows: 2.5 to 5 GPM standard- Other Flows Optional.
  • Range of Coolant Sumps: Up to 500 gallons standard. Others optional.
  • Tramp Oil Separators comes standard, complete with all the parts essential for operation including a floating suction, inlet and outlet hoses, inlet 40 mesh cleanable strainer and air diaphragm pump mounted for easy installation and instant operation on your sump.
  • Additional Equipment
  • These additional system components will be fully unified into the system controls:
  • Chillers- Air cooled, water cooled, remote condensers, submergable coil
  • Heatsinks using existing chilled water
  • Automatic Coolant Configuration- add coolant as needed to maintain levels
  • Mix neat water soluble coolants with water to appropriate concentration
  • Tramp oil removal systems
  • We offer machine coolant filtration systems in 4 standard models and Custom Models:

  • Machine Coolant Filtration System Model #A-250: For applications with up to 250 gallon Machine Coolant sumps
  • Machine Coolant Filtration System Model #B-500: For applications with up 500 gallons of Machine Coolant sumps
  • Machine Coolant Filtration System Model #C-750: For applications with up to 750 gallon Machine Coolant sumps
  • Machine Coolant Filtration System Model #D-1000: For applications with up 1000 gallon Machine Coolant sumps
  • Custom models for up to 5,000 gallon machine coolant sumps are also available upon request. Give us a call at 000-000-0000 to speak to one of our Expert Engineers.

    Call our Filtration Engineering Staff or contact us by submitting our online coolant questionnaire and our expert staff will be glad to help select the right product/s for your filtering needs.

    Don’t wait. Contact us now!