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Dust Collector Cartridges  
Dust Collector Cartridges


  • 100 % Spunbonded Polyester
  • HO Treated Polyester (repels both water and oil)
  • Aluminized Spunbonded Polyester
  • PTFE Membrane
  • Dual Dimple Pleated Polyester
  • Anti-Static Membrane
  • 80/20 Paper - Polyester Blend
  • High Temperature Fiber Felt
  • High Temperature Membrane

Replacement Dust Collector Cartridges

Eliminating dirt, dust and fumes in the workplace while saving valuable operating dollars should be your main priority, our dust collector cartridges will help you reach this goal. We work with manufacturers that have the ability to engineer and build any cartridge to meet your specifications. We can match dimensions and materials to replace most OEM cartridges plus many custom made cartridges in the market today.

Replacements For:



Air Guard

Air Refiner











Metal Fab


Micro Air







United Air Systems



We Can Supply The Following Cartridges

EFI Part # Manufacturer Manufacturer Part #
RA-22269-1 AIR GUARD AG61-2269
RA-72518 AIR GUARD AG61-5180
RA-19215 AIR GUARD AG61-9215
RA-19224 AIR GUARD AG81-9224-915
RA-10-2090 AIR GUARD ARM-10-2090
RA-10-3535 AIR GUARD ARM-10-3535
RA-12-5744 AIR GUARD ARM-12-5744
RA-12-5744 AIR GUARD ARM-18583
RA-21586 AIR GUARD ARM-18803
RA-19215 AIR GUARD ARM-19215
RA-21347 AIR GUARD ARM-21347
RA-21586 AIR GUARD ARM-21586
RA-22269-1 AIR GUARD ARM-22269
RA-72518 AIR GUARD ARM-72518
RA-84378 AIR GUARD ARM-84378
RA-10-2090 DONALDSON P10-2090
RA-12-5744 DONALDSON P12-5744
RA-21586 DONALDSON P12-9196
RA-12-5744 DONALDSON P12-9337
RA-21586 DONALDSON P13-0747
RA-19215 DONALDSON P13-1912
RA-19215 DONALDSON P13-4507
RA-21347 DONALDSON P14-5891
RA-14-7320 DONALDSON P14-7320
RA-21586 DONALDSON P14-8646
RA-22269-1 DONALDSON P15-1244
RA-19215 DONALDSON P15-1504
RA-10-2090 DONALDSON P18-2036
RA-12-5744 DONALDSON P19-1310
RA-34518 DONALDSON P19-1856-016-340
RA-19215 DONALDSON P52-4836
RA-22269-1 DUST HOG 330320
RA-14-7320 DOLLINGER CY2212
RA-21586 ECO 16-36120-5025
RA-84378 ECO 22-86315-5031
RA-22269-1 ECO 26-16315-5021
RA-96222-1 ECO 26-16315-5022
RA-19215 ECO 26-36315-5023
RA-51291 ECO 26-36315-5024
RA-72518 ECO 26-86315-5033
RA-34518 ECO 34-86315-5035
RA-72518 ENDUSTRIA 51014
RA-21586 ENDUSTRIA 51049
RA-21347 ENDUSTRIA 51050
RA-22269-1 ENDUSTRIA 51053
RA-22269 ENDUSTRIA 51053A
RA-19215 ENDUSTRIA 51055
RA-21586 ENDUSTRIA 51056
RA-19215 ENDUSTRIA 51089
RA-34518 FARR 101400-001
RA-53030 FARR 204878-001
RA-72518 FARR 72518-001
RA-72518 FARR 75625-001
RA-22269-1 FARR 78203-000
RA-19215 FARR 78968-000
RA-84378 FARR 84378-001
RA-72518 FARR C72518-001
RA-84378 FARR C84378-001
RA-21586 FLEETLIFE FA18803
RA-19215 FLEETLIFE FA19215
RA-21347 FLEETLIFE FA21347
RA-21586 FLEETLIFE FA21586
RA-19215 FLEETLIFE FA22022
RA-22269-1 FLEETLIFE FA22269
RA-21586 FLUITEK A 079160-CX4
RA-21347 FLUITEK A 127260-CX1
RA-14-7320 FLUITEK A 128220-A
RA-22269-1 FLUITEK A 128260-C1
RA-22269-1 FLUITEK A 128260-C1X
RA-19215 FLUITEK A 128260-C4
RA-21347 FLUITEK A 128260-CX1
RA-19230 FLUITEK A 128300-C4
RA-13950 FLUITEK A 138260-A
RA-13952 FLUITEK A 138260-AX
RA-27152 FLUITEK A 176180-2A
RA-19215 NORDSON 101411
RA-22269-1 NORDSON 101413
RA-21586 TORIT 8PP-18803-00
RA-19215 TORIT 8PP-19215-01
RA-51291 TORIT 8PP-19600-00
RA-20112 TORIT 8PP-20112-00
RA-21347 TORIT 8PP-21347-00
RA-21586 TORIT 8PP-21586-00
RA-22269-1 TORIT 8PP-22269-00
RA-22269-1 TORIT 8PP-23099-00
RA-96222-1 TORIT 8PP-24009-00
RA-25370 TORIT 8PP-25370-00
RA-27152 TORIT 8PP-27152-00
RA-13950 TORIT 8PP-32537-00
RA-51291 TORIT 8PP-40764-00
RA-20112 TORIT 8PP-40765-00
RA-96222-1 TORIT 8PP-40766-00
RA-13950 TORIT 8PP-42057-00
RA-05931 TORIT 8PP-42058-00
RA-21347 TORIT 8PP-42361-00
RA-96222-1 TORIT 8PP-42368-00
RA-22269-1 TORIT 8PP-46774-00
RA-13950 TORIT 8PP-47400-00
RA-21347 TORIT 8PP-47402-00
RA-05931 TORIT 8PP-48001-00
RA-05931 TORIT 8PP-72449-01
RA-96222-1 TORIT 8PP-72450-01
RA-74312 TORIT 8PP-72451-01
RA-19215 TORIT 8PP-72478-01
RA-51291 TORIT 8PP-72483-01
RA-19215 TDC 10000001
RA-22269-1 TDC 10000003
RA-21347 TDC 10000006
RA-21347 TDC 10000013
RA-22269-1 TDC 10000016
RA-21586 TDC 10000030
RA-21586 TDC 10000031
RA-14-7320 TDC 10000035
RA-92310 TDC 10000059
RA-72518 TDC 10000155
RA-84378 TDC 10000156
RA-72518 TDC 10000275
RA-19236 TDC 10001326
RA-12-5744 TVS T4-22C3153
RA-84378 TVS T4-22C3156
RA-25370 TVS T4-22R35012
RA-22269-1 TVS T4-26B3151
RA-21347 TVS T4-26B3153
RA-13950 TVS T4-26B35012
RA-19215 TVS T4-26C3153
RA-72518 TVS T4-26C3156
RA-05931 TVS T4-26R35012
RA-21586 TVS T6-16B12016
RA-19236 WHEELBRATOR 213600882



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