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The OIL CLEAN product is used to filter any solid particulate material present in suspension from machine tool coolant. The OIL CLEAN product works on a side stream "Kidney loop" arrangement constantly filtering the coolant and removing solid material.

By utilizing the constant filtration method, the machine tool coolant tanks remain clean and extend the life of your coolants. By extending the life of your coolants the customer will gain an immediate financial benefit and in the long term will lower disposal costs, tool life and improve part quality.

The OIL CLEAN filter system meets or exceeds the filtration requirements of the majority of machine tools, including machines for electrical discharge machining.

Using the mechanical filtration principle, the coolant in the machine tool tank is pumped through a filter housing which holds the filter cartridge. The filter cartridge has a resin impregnated cellulose filter media. Different micron ratings are available depending on the level of filtration required, standard sizes range from 3 to 25 microns. Once the coolant passes through the filter cartridge, the flow is returned back to the machine tool tank. By creating circulation in the coolant tank, the amount of solid material that settles to the bottom of the tank is minimized.



How It Works;

The contaminated coolant from the coolant tank (1) enters the pump (2). Pressurized coolant is pumped into the stainless steel filter vessel (4). The dirty coolant flows through the filter cartridge (5) and then on out the discharge connection of the filter housing back to the coolant tank. The coolant passes through a flow meter (7) so that the operator can monitor the flow rate of the coolant filtration. The outlet connection (9) is mounted high so that the system does not drain by gravity while moving the system to the next coolant tank.

A pressure gauge (6) on the top of the filter vessel (4) monitors the system pressure. As the filter cartridge (5) becomes dirty, the pressure on this gauge will climb and the flow rate through the flow meter (7) will fall indicating that a filter cartridge change out is required.

A start / stop switch (8) is supplied.

Oil clean







GPM (L/Min)


Sq/Ft ( m2)


Lbs (kgs)

Oil Clean 1 32 (120) 64.5 (6) 100 (50)
Oil Clean 2 40 (150) 129 (12) 143 (65)


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