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Green Macheen™ 300 exp
electrostatic oil cleaner specifications and technical information


  • Explosion Proof – Class I Div II certified
  • Can handle up to 10,000 gallons /38,000 liters
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Designed for all weather use
  • Computer controlled
  • Electronic Contamination Monitor
  • Water Detection Monitor
Flow Rate 5.4 GPM (324Gal/Hror  1231 lph)
WATER Removal Yes-with Water Removal Filter
WATER Removal capacity 4 gallons / 15.2 liters each filter
VARNISH max capacity 20 pounds / 9kg
VARNISH-filter normal life Filter should last 7-12 months
SOLUBLE VARNISH Removal Yes-with Soluble Varnish Removal Filter
Volts/Phase/Hz 115/230/ single phase/ 60 Hz/50Hz
Filter Electrostatic DC Output 15,000 Volts
Electrostatic Fields 18 electrostatic fields each filter
Stainless Steel Filter Tanks 1 filter housings
Stainless Steel Frame YES
Tank Capacity when full 9 gallons of oil
Size(WxLxH) 16" X 25" x 48"
Reservoir Size Max 10,000 gallons / 38,000 litres
Max Oil Temp 180 degrees F/82 C
Computer Controlled YES
*Explosion Proof (Class I div II) Class I Division II Group C&D Certified


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